November Progress


Alas, this is not a NaNoWriMo progress report.  I would have loved to participate in the month long writing challenge to hit 50K words, as there is plenty I have to write about!  My day job kept me too busy, as it’s prone to do this time of year, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit in the word count.

I did make a goal though — finish off the two novellas I had started, and submit them.  One is an adult m/m romance, and I added about 5K to it.  Finished that one and sent it off early in the month.

The second is the YA novella I’m writing about two teen girls who develop feelings for each other while working on a school project.  I’ve finished off the rough draft, and it stands at just over 24K.  It’s not quite ready to be sent off, but it is with a writer friend for beta so hopefully in the next couple weeks it can be cleaned up and prepared.

Month Word Count: approx. 18K total.

I’m very pleased with that!  Taking a break for a week, and looking forward to moving on with new projects.


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