First Blog Post!

Upcoming Publication and Editing!

I am very excited to announce that I have a YA LGBT+ novella being published in the new year through Harmony Ink Press. It is called An Unexpected Summer, and it is about two teenaged boys who work at a summer resort. One is openly gay, while the other knows he’s gay but is in the closet, and is struggling with the decision whether or not to come out before the end of high school.

It is my goal to help add diversity into the YA market, which is why I wrote for and submitted to Harmony Ink Press. Working with the editing team has been fantastic, I really feel I’ve learned a lot in the technicality of writing, which I hope will help me with future works.   I’ve very excited!


I am currently working on a YA novella that centers on two teen girls, one of whom is asexual. To be honest, it’s interesting writing from a female PoV because it’s been a while since I have, but I’m really enjoying how this one is going. And I’ve been reading some Edgar Allen Poe to get into the Autumn/Halloween spirit of things for the story, so that’s also a plus!


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